Technical News

We WONEPART will share technical news for our manufacture products, such as excavators and parts drawing, seal product drawing, pump and parts drawing, engine and parts drawing, hydraulic hammer drawing so that customer could know our product details. As there are thousands of materials, therefore, we will show some special one for your reference.

  • Static seal A static seal is usually a seal between two stationary faces. So-called static seal refers to a seal that is in a stationary state during bearing operation without relative motion. A seal that does not move relative to each other between seal couplers is referred to as a static seal. A seal that does not have a relative movement between the two coupling members of the static sealing portion is referred to as a static seal. And we wonepart will support you to know more about seal knowledge so that you could buy our seal via our online website

  • We WONEPART with Komatsu dealer sell komatsu new model excavators PC500LC for the mining projects. Moreover, we will introduce the knowledge of excavators types and models to you.

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